Saturday, 7 December 2013

Boxing Day in Sydney

Tradition has it that this was the day when the Royalty or the rich gave gifts to tradesmen and staff in Christmas Boxes.....hence Boxing Day. I always thought it was because people had one too many boxing matches to wear off the kilojoules accumulated on the Christmas Day! Maybe it was the fighting over the sale items in major shops that gave it the name?

One of the any vantage points of Sydney Harbour

Over the 14 odd years that I have been living in Sydney, 26th December - Boxing Day has offered a kaleidoscope of events and activities that one can enjoy....other than sleeping and recovering from the festive hangover. 

Ask any Sydneysider what they do on Boxing Day and the answers will vary from Boxing Day sales, Boxing Day test match, Sydney to Hobart race start, switching television channels to watch both - the test match and the yacht race while recovering from a Christmas Day hangover of food, alcohol, gifts and of course family!

I have done it all!

- Staying at home, being a couch potato and watching cricket while eating raisin bread

- Doing a huddle and a shuffle with fellow shoppers outside David Jones or Myers. From memory it would have put the Thanksgiving weekend sales footage from the US to shame!

Picture courtesy Page by Dave Filmer

- Watching the test match live at the stadium in the hope of meeting Mr. Right and if that didn't work at least making new friends and broadening my circles - so that I would eventually meet him!

- Taking a picnic to the heads with some friends and watching the start of the Sydney to Hobart race

- Sailing on a friend's boat to watch the start of the race on water while drinking a glass of champagne and basking in the sun with a bunch of strangers

- Working as a Manager on Duty at a five star hotel, even receiving a "Christmas Box" from some overseas guest that felt sorry for me working on a public holiday

I can go on and on! Every year it has been a different experience and I think I have honestly enjoyed each experience that taught me more about the city I love the most - Sydney!

So what will it be this year, 2013?

You guessed it! We will be on board OzCat with hopefully family and friends, the three fridges and freezer well stocked with drinks that can hydrate us all while we watch the start of the race and follow the boats to the heads. Hopefully some chilled Salmon Gravalax, fresh salad, spuds and may be even some sausages on the barbie for anyone recovering from the hangover.
Leaving Sydney Heads 26th December 2012

For those of you who can't get their minds of the cricket match, there is a television on board. I am sure we could all still shop at the Boxing Day sales on our the iPads, iPhones, androids and tablets while avoiding the huddle and shuffle in the shops.

What a way to combine it all and enjoy a lovely afternoon celebrating the year it has been! 

Would you like to join us? To book us, call 0400 223 223

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Are you ready for Christmas yet?

New Home
She has been in Sydney for almost two months now. Well rested from the long journey that she sailed with such excellence, she has many tales to tell.

Tales of adventure, tales of interesting creatures of different oceans and the far shores, tales of teamwork and sabotage, tales of joy and tears.

But the tales have to wait while she gets ready for her next adventure in her new home -Sydney. 

Clean bottom
She is getting ready for the Christmas season, she awaits the new dawn when she can adorn her new colours, with her newly cleaned bottom.

She wonders if you are ready for Christmas? Have you organised your Christmas party at work? Will it be the usual lunch in the office boardroom, a restaurant in the city or something more adventurous?

Fun by secluded beach

Sail on Sydney harbour - one of the world's most beautiful harbours and a swim in the ocean. A Christmas lunch at a secluded beach far away from the bah humbug?

Prawn Salad
A glass of champagne, with a chilled prawn salad that hints of exotic lands that you might visit someday, will it be the turkey or the salmon for the main course, something Australian or something traditional? How will you celebrate the year it has been with your colleagues, you friends, your family?

Have you thought about it? If not, drop us a line and we will help you dream!